HuntStand Launches New Public Land Overlay | Public Land Hunting Maps

Public Land Hunting Map App

Are you fortunate enough to have inherited or bought your own hunting property? Consider yourself lucky, as many people dream about that kind of opportunity and never achieve it. But whether you own or lease land, there’s something important to remember. We are all public land owners. That means we all have access to a great many public areas to use for hunting purposes. But if you’ve ever been intimidated about getting lost or trespassing off the property, this public land hunting map app is for you. HuntStand just made this new layer or overlay available to all its users. Oh and it doesn’t cost you anything more. So what’s stopping you from getting out and enjoying our vast network of public lands? Check it out below.

National Public Lands Overlay: HuntStand from TerraStride on Vimeo.

Types of Public Lands

As we mentioned, the new overlay in our public land mapping app contains information and boundaries for all kinds of public lands, both under national and state management. Instead of carrying around a physical land ownership map, you can quickly pull it up on your hunting app. We’re lucky in this country to have such a huge network of public lands to enjoy. So you should take advantage of the opportunity and go explore some new places without the fear of getting lost. Here are just a few of the types of public lands you can find with this land ownership map app.

National and State Parks – many of the federally- or state-operated parks in our public land hunting map app open special hunting seasons if you’re interested. But if nothing else, you can still use the hunting map app to hike through several new areas.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Areas – out west, in particular, the BLM maintains and manages vast stretches of the landscape. Many of these are true wilderness areas that you could explore for days or weeks without running into anybody. To put the scale of these lands into context, the BLM manages and administers approximately 245 million acres of public land – that’s about 10% of the surface area of all 50 United States (BLM 2017)!

Publically Managed Land – this category includes some other publically managed areas that don’t fit into one of the other buckets. But public is public!

Game Management Units (GMUs) – GMUs are generally run by states and are designed to manage for certain species or regions. These areas may have specific hunting regulations.

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) – similar to the GMUs, WMAs are usually state-run as well and focused on managing for wildlife and ecosystem health.


Other Features of the Public Land Hunting Map App

As if all of those weren’t enough to convince you, the public land hunting map app also has several other capabilities to help you navigate and plan a hiking or hunting trip. The new public land overlay also features:accessibility status of different public lands, roads or trails specific to the public land, and detailed topographic maps to help plan for elevation changes.

Additionally, you can add dozens of different waypoints/markers and trails in the field or to customize a hunting map. From different kinds of animal sign (noted during post-season scouting), to tree stand locations, to tracking your route, you can do all of the above with the public land hunting map app. If a particular public property really grabs your attention and you plan on hunting there a lot, you can even create a printable hunting map from the features you collect, using our high resolution aerial imagery. HuntStand really is one of the best hunting GPS apps for these reasons.

If you’d like to get started, download the app today and lace up your hiking boots. You have millions of acres to go explore!