Protecting Your Trail Cameras During Gun Season

                  By Jeremy Flinn, Professional Deer Biologist

Deer gun seasons are opening across the country, and there will be more hunters in the woods than any time of the year. For many of us this means unexpected visitors to our trail cameras, and not the kind we like to see. As much as we don’t want to realize it, there are other hunters out there who are not as “ethical” as many of us. These are the kind of hunters that give all hunters a bad name. They are also the ones that tend to mess with our stuff! Whether private or public land, it can happen to anyone. So how do you protect your most valuable scouter, your trail cameras?


For some deer hunters, protecting their trail cameras is as easy as pulling them during the gun season. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose? You need the information, and to know what is going on, even during the gun season! So how can you ensure your investment will be there when you need it most.


Trail camera companies, like Moultrie, produce security boxes that protect trail cameras from the elements, animals (like bears), and even other hunters. These extremely cost effective methods can protect your trail camera investment of well over $150 to $200. This is essentially a no-brainer. Not only do you protect your most valuable scouter, but you also keep them running gathering the most recent information on deer activity in your area. Something that every hunter wants when they hit the stand.


As you set cameras out this year, ensure your financial and time investment is protected. Look to trail camera companies, like Moultrie, for security boxes and cables to ensure your camera collects information when you need it too. Your season will likely benefit greatly from it!

Jeremy Flinn is Chief Marketing Officer with Stone Road Media, and a professional deer biologists. He has shared is knowledge and experience on trail cameras through many popular magazines and TV shows.