HuntStand User Success Story: John Long

                     By John Long, HuntStand User
Real Experiences From Real Users

I have been an avid hunter for over 30 years and have harvested my fair share of whitetail deer, but up until the 2016 season I had never harvested a mature buck. I downloaded HuntStand early in 2016 and began using it to help with my scouting efforts. I had just acquired permission to hunt on a 40 acre property in Southwest Missouri. To be honest, I’m probably one of the least ‘tech savvy’ people out there, but I was quickly able to learn how to use the app and to take advantage of its many features. Before stepping foot on the property, it was apparent from the satellite images that it had a very large cedar thicket, making up approximately 80% of the parcel. Once I laid boots on the ground, I confirmed that my assumptions were correct. After a few scouting trips I was able to determine the major bedding areas, funnels, and entry/exit routes. I then used those observations to select stand locations. I made sure to carefully add all of this information to my Hunt Area map from the Mapping screen so that I could further investigate things later.


The HuntZone, Weather, and Solunar features were critical in learning how to best hunt this property. As you can imagine, because of the large thicket, “blowing it out” with my scent was a constant worry. By constantly checking the HuntZone, Weather and Solunar features of the app for current and future conditions, I was able to be in the proper treestand at the perfect time. This was absolutely the key to seeing my buck on three different occasions from the same stand without him ever having a clue he was being hunted.


On November 4th, 2016 the conditions were optimal so I left work early and was in my stand by 2:00pm. Around 4:15pm I heard him get up from his bed and it sounded like he was headed in my direction. I caught a glimpse of him working a scrape about 75 yards out and he was walking directly towards my stand on one of his main trails. The minutes seemed like hours as he slowly made his way to me. At 4:45pm he presented me with a 23 yard broadside shot and I let my arrow fly. The shot was true and he expired less than 50 yards from me. I truly believe I would have never accomplished this without HuntStand’s help. Thanks again for such an amazing tool!

John Long

Southwest Missouri

182 5/8” Gross Score