Integrating Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras with HuntStand

Using HuntStand Maps with Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras

By now, you’ve probably read a lot about the benefits of various trail camera strategies when it comes to mapping with HuntStand. Trail cameras allow you get photographic evidence of the whitetails or turkeys you are trying to pattern. You can learn the best time of day to hunt them, the locations they use most, and even how to approach that area the best. And being able to map it all out on your mobile device or computer allows you to develop a hunting plan. Recently, HuntStand announced that they would be collaborating with Wildgame Innovations trail cameras to help you in a different and exciting new way. Read on and watch the video below for more details.

Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras

Any of the Wildgame Innovations trail cameras are solid choices for anyone looking to get pictures of the deer or turkeys in their neighborhood. But there’s an exciting new option on the horizon. As you see in the clip above, the Wildgame Innovations Shadow™ camera is new for this season, due to hit stores this summer. It is a small (7.5 centimeter) but very powerful camera, capable of taking 16 megapixel photos. It is powered by only four AA batteries, which can sustain months of use in the field. It features a magnetic ball mounting system so you can adjust the shot angle any way you need to, but it also comes with a security strap to mount it more thoroughly to the tree. The Shadow™ camera also pairs up with HuntStand very effectively, as you will see below.

What Does This Mean for You?

An exciting benefit of this integration comes from the mapping and analytics side. Foremost, the trail camera can geographically tag each picture it takes. No matter where you move it, the locations will always be recorded in HuntStand so you know exactly where the deer picture was taken. That spares you from a lot of guesswork and organization when you are running several cameras and moving them around often from big woods to large fields. And instead of manually going through all the pictures and trying to determine the best location or time of day to hunt, the software can analyze the pictures in each geographic location and report when deer movement was highest. That might be due to potential patterns from temperature changes (i.e., cold fronts, etc.), barometric pressure, moon phases, etc. When you consider adding all of this information to the already amazing features in our hunting app, it’s easy to see how it truly is a game changer.


But maybe the most unique and valuable part of this integration with Wildgame Innovations trail cameras focuses on one thing: people stealing trail cameras. Trail camera security is something we all think about, because most of us have had a trail camera stolen at one point or another. Trail cameras aren’t usually cheap, so it’s just flat out irritating when someone has the nerve to take one. But with this new setup, if someone steals your camera to use it for themselves, they won’t be able to take advantage of the HuntStand integration. Each camera has a unique identifier, so if the thief tries to register and use the camera for that purpose, it will already show up as a registered camera in HuntStand. In the future, the geographic tagging ability could even be used to track where the camera was taken to apprehend the thief. We all crave a little justice, so that’s pretty exciting.

The announcement to integrate Wildgame Innovations trail cameras with HuntStand is a pretty exciting one for many people. Most of us are obsessed with hunting maps and trail camera pictures already, so combining them into one ultra-small and efficient package is a no-brainer.