Integrating Hunting App Mapping with Printed Hunting Maps

Step Up Your Hunting Strategy with Printed Hunting Maps

Do you geek out when it comes to looking at hunting maps? We sure do. You can learn so much from reviewing aerial maps, making critical decisions about where you should hunt, how you can access a stand, and where you should plant new food plots . And when you can combine field observations and measurements with ultra-high resolution aerial imagery, you’ve got a powerful tool at your fingertips. But what if you want printable hunting maps to hang up at your hunting property or to take with you into the field? Your phone screen is only so big after all, which can make it difficult to view details. Here’s how you can combine all the great HuntStand features and create custom hunting maps that are durable and will help you this season.

Why Choose HuntStand Maps?

But first, why should you choose HuntStand maps versus just printing off a free aerial image from somewhere else online? Our maps are made with extremely high resolution satellite imagery, which allows you to see all of your property in crisp detail. Other maps you find online may lose so much of their clarity when blown up to 3’ x 4’ that it becomes useless, but ours remain crisp and clean. We also have parcel data for approximately 97 percent of the country, so you can see parcel boundaries and landowners. If you know the value of using topographic hunting maps and can read topo maps properly, you can also add contour lines onto the aerial imagery of your printable hunting maps. This can help you make other decisions about how to route a trail or which way to orient a food plot.


What really shines with using these maps though is that you can build your custom aerial maps on your phone or computer. You can log your desktop observations for your property and play around with the various layers you’ve created. Or you can also create new features from your phone (through the HuntStand app) using your GPS position for very accurate maps. There are over 90 different markers, lines, and symbols to create unique big game hunting maps for your property, including trails, tree stands, food sources, sanctuaries, sheds found while shed hunting, and other wildlife observations. You choose what you want to include for your personalized printable hunting maps. Once it’s created, you can move onto the printing process.

Creating Your Printable Hunting Maps

Now that you have created the hunting area maps you want to print, use these simple steps to print it. Log into your map and click on the “High Resolution Printed Map” option. First, select the size you’d like your hunting map to be. You can order it in portrait (up and down) or landscape (horizontal) orientations, and choose between three sizes (18” x 24”, 24” x 36”, and 36” x 48”). Larger sizes are best for hanging on the wall to review the whole property easily, while smaller sizes are easier to roll up and bring with to the field.

Next, you will need to select a bounding box for your map, which is essentially the extent/boundary of your map. Make sure all of your property is included in the bounding box with a little room on each side as a buffer. You can adjust it when you’re done too if you change your mind.


Then you get to choose your desired map material – you can pick paper, vinyl, or canvas. Each one has a different benefit to it and videos showing what they look like. The paper maps are perfect for framing and hanging on the wall if you want a unique aerial view of your property to admire each time you walk by. The vinyl and canvas options are much more durable and can be brought with you into the field since they are tear-resistant and waterproof hunting maps. The canvas option is even more durable than the vinyl one, and can be folded up for rougher field conditions. All the options utilize UV ink, which is resistant to the sun’s damaging rays. If you choose the paper option, you will also need to select a finish (matte or gloss). The matte finish is non-reflective, which can be important if you view your map in a brightly lit area. The gloss finish is more like a reflective photograph.

Finally, type in the quantity of maps you want printed, and review the various other map options (e.g., displaying the acreage, markers/symbols, contour lines, etc.). After submitting the order, you can review a proof of your map and finish the checkout process. For a step-by-step walkthrough of this process, check out the video below.

How to create a High Resolution map in HuntStand from TerraStride on Vimeo.

How to Use Your Printable Hunting Maps

Having a high resolution hunting map to bring with you in the field is a huge help. You can easily visualize how you can access a tree stand in different conditions when you see all the features of your property laid out in front of your eyes. But the real advantage comes from the combination of field observations (using the app), desktop tweaks and boundaries, and the final creation of printable hunting maps.

As an example, if you want to create some new deer funnels on your hunting property, being able to review all the existing trails and observations in relation to tree stands and food plots makes the process very simple. First, do you have an agricultural field/food plot and a sanctuary or known bedding area? Locate a spot between these two areas that you can stealthily access in a variety of conditions by using the map. You can easily see the terrain/topography on the map to decide which line would be best for the new intended deer travel route. Then you can hinge-cut trees or put up a barbed wire fence crosswise to funnel the deer traffic right to your new tree stand location. Could you do all of that without aerial maps for deer hunting? Sure. But it would likely involve more work and it wouldn’t be as easy to find the exact spot.


Why Print Hunting Maps?

Before this fall’s hunting season kicks off, consider making your own printable hunting maps. These really are some of the best hunting maps you’ll find on the market, considering the other benefits and options to customize your map. But if nothing else, these maps are a great gift for other members of your hunting party and are sure to become a critical focal point at your deer camp. Whenever people start debating deer hunting tactics or just want to retell deer hunting stories of the past, the map will inevitably make its way onto the table for everyone to gather around. And that’s a critical part of the hunting tradition.


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