HuntStand Announces Merger with ScoutLook

Merger of Mobile Hunting App Leaders to Benefit the Greater Hunting Community

We’re excited to announce our recent merger with previous competitor ScoutLook, a mobile hunting and fishing app providing global weather forecasts, game logging tools, educational content, and more to outdoorsmen across the country.

This merger, announced June 21 by The Outdoor Wire, seeks to deliver unmatched mapping and communication technologies, as well as rich, seasonally relevant content to HuntStand’s and ScoutLook Hunt’s combined application user base, currently more than 5 million strong. Both apps were even reviewed and featured in Outdoor Life’s 2017 article The 6 Best Hunting Apps, positioning each among the best available.

Who is ScoutLook?

Founded in 2010, ScoutLook has been owned and operated by hunters and fishermen from the beginning. Dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the unique demands of today's outdoorsmen, their website and mobile apps provide a powerful weather forecasting system like no other. The app helps users not only be better prepared for their time afield, but also make the most of their time there.


ScoutLook Hunt and ScoutLook Fish boast proprietary features such as:

ScentCone Wind Maps – A wind speed and direction tool that allows users to review the wind forecast in their current and saved locations. Information can be viewed on an hourly basis or up to seven days in the future, simply by toggling each hour using the arrows in the ScentCone card that displays, or by selecting a time and date.

ScoutMarX – A newer feature used for drawing property boundaries on existing maps. Boundaries can be drawn around individual hunting areas, including different types of public land and entry points within a given block. Once drawn, these boundaries can then be shared – whether with family members for safety, or with fellow hunting pals to ensure you’re each staying out of the other’s way afield.

*ScoutLook recommends these drawings be cross-referenced with their Property Lines map overlays to ensure accuracy before use.


DriftPoint Wind Maps – Like the ScoutLook Hunt’s ScentCone Wind Maps, this ScoutLook Fishing app feature displays visual representations of where your boat will drift based on the current hourly wind forecast in your location. This allows users to plan their drift routes over key areas, such as underwater structures, based on the species they’re targeting.

DeerLog – An app allowing deer observations – from rutting and feeding activity to age, sex and antler size/growth information – to be recorded in a free online log. Each record can also be stamped with the corresponding date and time to ensure users get the most out of their scouting efforts. Each entry also includes the weather, solunar and other data related to the observation, from the exact time and location it was made.

In addition to weather tools, ScoutLook also delivers world-class educational hunting content, including tips, tactics, and gear information and reviews for hunters and fishermen alike.

What Does the Merger Mean for You?

Ultimately, this combination means nothing but good things for the entire outdoor community. Together, HuntStand and ScoutLook look forward to offering a variety of new map features and interactive tools, as well as improved timely, engaging content geared toward entertaining, informing and enriching the outdoor experience for hunters everywhere.

If you’re an existing HuntStand user, have no fear! There will be no noticeable changes to your account or the way you access and use the application. All existing ScoutLook users, however, will need to make the transition to the HuntStand app platform this fall to maintain their access to ScoutLook Hunt features.

While ScoutLook’s mobile hunting app accounts will eventually migrate to HuntStand’s mobile platform, for the time being, users should continue to use ScoutLook as usual. Once the transition has taken place, current ScoutLook users can also rest assured that their saved locations, logs and other private information will be retained, and all paid subscriptions will be applied to HuntStand application subscriptions of equal or greater value. ScoutLook Hunt subscribers will also have until Oct. 1, 2019, to opt into making the transfer. This information has already been shared with ScoutLook’s hunting mobile app users.

In addition, ScoutLook’s Fishing app will continue to run as is, with no foreseen changes for existing account holders.

How Do I Get the HuntStand App?

HuntStand – an online platform offering advanced mapping, land management, reporting, social and collaboration tools – can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play for use on your mobile device (Apple or Android), tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Once downloaded, the app allows hunters to:
• Build sophisticated and detailed maps of their hunting areas.
• Create personal and Club pages, allowing them to network with their hunting friends.
• View and share their hunting area maps via HuntStand’s revolutionary online mapping technology.
• Use advanced tools that let them examine and understand their hunting area like never before.
• Show off their harvest information to friends and family.
• Access exclusive content featured on the HuntStand blog.


We’re All Excited!

Both the HuntStand and ScoutLook Hunt teams are excited to join forces and efforts focused on combining our respective teams began immediately. In fact, the HuntStand and ScoutLook business teams have already fully integrated and are looking forward to leading a revolution of the hunting industry’s mobile resources and capabilities. The combined development team is also working to create the necessary framework to bring ScoutLook user accounts into the HuntStand platform.

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